Zoho Show for Android – Carry your presentations in your pocket

How often do you check your phone every day? 30 times? 50 times? Maybe even more.

Did you know, the average user checks their smartphone more than 85 times a day. And we spend about 5 hours a day either browsing the web or using apps on our mobile phones. This includes the usage of productivity apps in our daily work life. Like it or not, presentations play a crucial role in businesses. So why view presentations on a laptop or USB when you can simply use your smartphone?

Introducing the Zoho Show mobile app for your Android smartphone and tablet. The app makes it easy to access all your presentations, including those that have been shared with you.

Start by creating presentations on the web. Then import slides and view them from your tablet, or present slides using your smartphone.

Kickstart your Show.
No sign up required. Import your desired slide deck from your device or any cloud service (including Google drive, Dropbox, and iCloud), and start presenting right away. You can always sign up later. Once you do, Zoho Show will automatically sync your presentations to the cloud.

Access slides on the go.
Log in with your Zoho account to access all presentations that have been created using the Show web app or presentations that have been shared with you, in a single place.

Get notified.
Let’s say you are away from your desk and want to keep track of the presentation that your team is working on. With the Zoho Show Android app, receive real-time notifications on updates made to presentations you have access to. Get notified when someone shares a slide deck, makes the slightest edit, or when permissions are modified.

Present the smart way.
On your way to the office for an important client presentation? All you have to do is pick up your smartphone for that last minute run-through. Or when you’re out in the field meeting a new prospect, run your presentation right from your smartphone. You can also connect your device to the Android TV using Chromecast and deliver presentations to a larger audience.

Control slides from any corner of the room.
Cast your smartphone to the Android TV and turn your device into a smart remote. Navigate through slides, call attention to key points using the highlighter tools, and take a quick peek at your slide notes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and download the Zoho Show Android app.

Zoho Show is available across all Android devices, including mobile, tablet, and TV. Learn how to deliver hassle-free wireless presentations using the Zoho Show Android app here.

Happy presenting!

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