Our basic website package is designed for those who are looking for simple and cost efficient website solution.

HTML 590%
CSS 385%

Web update

If client decides to add additional features in the future (extra language support, news, product listings etc) – site can be upgraded to medium or advanced package any time.

Online website example

Check the link below to try out fully functional Basic Website Package example.

699 USD/Year

Smooth Step or Wordpress CMS – Allows edit your content.
Basic design – Unique website design according to your corporate colors and specifications.
10 initial pages – With possibility to add more on your own.
Simple navigation menu – 1 level (submenus can be implemented if needed)
Photo slideshow for website header – Managed by the content manager.
Contact form – Sent directly to your email, with validation.
Search engine submission – Gets your website listed on search engine listings.
10 email accounts – Provides servers to be used with email software, also web based email access.
Monthly backup – Website data is backed up each month and can be restored any time on request.
Web hosting – Service for 1 year included.

Unique web design

Preparing and programming high quality unique design is a hard task which needs lots of expertise and time.


If your company needs high quality graphic design you can check our portfolio that includes logo design, flyers and brochure, business cards, web


Template design modification, extra service installation and content entering is not included to configuration price however we can handle it quickly and professionally for an hourly fee.

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